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At the heart of any client relationship is a process we call the "World Class Service Experience." Our commitment to systematizing everything we do down to the smallest detail we believe means our reputation and client's experience stays consistently of the highest standard. An advisory relationship with our firm initially consists of:

1) An introductory meeting with one of our Financial Advisors. This time is utilized to get to know your personal and financial situation, uncover your objectives, discuss our competencies and review how we are compensated. The goal of the meeting is to determine if working together makes sense. If it does, we gather your financial information and documents to prepare for the next step.

2) An implementation meeting with your Advisor to discuss recommendations and strategies based on information gathered in the first meeting. All our solutions are documented and should meet four criteria:

  • You understand how it works and how it may benefit you
  • You understand what it is designed to do and what not to do
  • It fits within your attitudes and tolerances for risk
  • It is within your financial means to do it

You will then determine if what we've outlined makes sense to you and you'd like to move forward. If so, we complete the appropriate paperwork and establish an agreed upon service schedule going forward. The first review with your advisor takes place a few months after this meeting.

In addition to regular reviews, we keep in regular communication through e-mail newsletters, mail correspondence, phone appointments and client events. These events are an excellent time to mingle in a social situation, make new acquaintances and bring friends, family or colleagues who may also benefit from our services.

Our advisory services are specifically designed to best serve the type of clients we enjoy working with but allow for flexibility and customization.