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  • LPF Financial Advisors is a group of financial advisors and support team whose goal is to help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be financially. We have none of our own financial products, so we can give you completely objective, suitable advice.

  • We understand that choosing a financial advisor could be a life changing decision and that everyone makes that choice in different ways. You may begin to learn more about what we do by:

    • Calling our office to request information or an introductory appointment
    • Requesting information or an introductory appointment via our website
    • Emailing us using
    • Attending one of our various retirement or investment workshops
  • Our advisors and client service team work together to provide a "1st Class Service Experience." The client service team lends support to the advisors and handles client questions and requests of a non-financial advice nature.

    Our Financial Advisors see new client appointments, conduct regular review meetings, manage investment portfolios, stay current on market conditions, give public workshops and consult with clients on various planning issues that arise.

  • Anyone of our Client Service team can address your request or direct your call to the appropriate person.

    If you have a question that only your advisor can answer and they are not available to speak with you, we always welcome the opportunity to address your needs through scheduled phone appointments if needed.

  • LPF Financial Advisors does not actually hold your money. Your accounts and investment dollars are held at large, well-established custodians and trust companies.

    Our relationship is consultative. We don't expect you to give up control of your money. We advise you on your options and what we think is in your best interest. You make the final decision and we carry out the plan agreed upon together.

  • Our initial consultations are complimentary. We are independent and can choose to structure our compensation in different ways, and it usually falls into the following general categories. When acting as an Investment Advisory Representative (IAR), our advisory fees could be asset management fees or fixed/hourly fees. When acting as a Registered Representative and/or Insurance Agent we are compensated based on commissions and/or trials. 

    This topic is covered in-depth in our introductory appointments. Our clients and their advisor make compensation decisions together. All costs, fees and expenses are disclosed to clients before any solutions are implemented.