Retirement Services

LPF Financial Advisors specialize in working with Telecom and Power company employees. We have a high level of knowledge in the VZ and other utility company pension and savings plans. We are committed to educating them in preparing for and transitioning into retirement. We have assisted many families in making prudent decisions about their future. This is accomplished through Workshops, the Complimentary Retirement Overview, and our Retirement Services.

Our Workshops are conducted by experienced financial advisors who have vast knowledge about the intricacies of company pensions, savings plans, 401(k)s, thrift plans and benefits.  The sessions are complimentary, explain how you could potentially increase Retirement Benefits and are held on a variety of topics that answer questions such as:

  • When is the best time to retire for your situation? 
  • What do I consider when choosing how to receive my pension? 
  • How will changes in interest rates affect my pension benefit? 
  • Is my 401(k) invested appropriately for my risk level and time frame? 
  • How do I receive penalty-free income from my assets before 59 1/2?

Attendance at one of our workshops commonly leads to the CRO. The CRO (Complimentary Retirement Overview) can only be received from our office. It is a  preparation tool, tailor made for utility company employees, designed to plan for retirement and make the process simple. The CRO is unique because it: 

  • Is a planning tool, not a sales meeting. No financial products are sold 
  • Analyzes your pension and savings plan exclusively 
  • Explains complex financial concepts in an easy-to-understand format 
  • Provides a list of "action items" to enhance your retirement planning now

Once someone has taken advantage of periodically updating their CRO with our office, when they come to a retirement decision, our Retirement Services make the transition go smoothly. We provide such things as:

  • Requesting and accurately completing all necessary company paperwork 
  • Establishing IRA and investment accounts for rollover of funds 
  • Creating an investment strategy for the purpose of growth and/or income 
  • Evaluating other financial issues that may affect your well-being 
  • Meeting regularly with a financial advisor to review your situation 
  • Having confidence that someone you trust is watching over your nest egg

To register for a workshop, request a CRO or to find out more about our retirement services, fill out a request under the "contact us" tab or call toll free (866) 897-8234.