Upcoming Rates

Phone companies use monthly interest rates to calculate lump sum distributions. The stated PBGC rate is for lump sums over $25,000. Managers are encouraged to call our office for the Quarterly GATT rate. If you would like to discuss how changes in the rates affect your pension or would like to have one of our Financial Advisors calculate your payment choices, simply call our office at (866) 897-8234 or fill out a pension request form.

Month/YearGATT RateT-Bond RatePBGC Rate
February 20162.952.001.50
January 20162.862.001.50
December 20153.072.001.50
November 20153.112.00N/A
October 20152.962.251.50
September 20152.592.25.90
August 20152.632.50.90
July 20152.572.50 .90
June 20152.462.50.60
May 20152.832.501.20
April 20153.042.501.20
March 20153.042.751.20